Marketing sites built right.

Don't miss any important technical aspect of your marketing pages. From SEO and performance, to mobile optimization and a11y—I'll build it all for you.

What goes into a marketing site?


Search engine optimization

Searching is how your customers reach your site.

The web is a web of links, and search engines crawl this vast network to rank your site against others. Often your customers don't look beyond the first few results of a search—you don't want your site buried beneath!

Hidden metadata helps search engines understand your site and boost your rank—and therefore traffic. You can't rely on word of mouth anymore, you need SEO.

Mobile optimization

Your customers are on the go, and first impressions of your site are almost always on mobile devices.

If your mobile site lacks functionality, doesn't look good, or doesn't perform, you've automatically lost. Make mobile your default mindset for marketing.


Attention deficiency is a common trait of web users. Your site's content must load quickly and fully—like turning the page of a book. If an image, text, or link doesn't show for your customer after just one second, chances are they've moved on.

Build for the modern web by understanding and using the technology that gets all your content to your customer at lightning speed.


Content management system

Marketing is about getting your brand to your customers, and that content will change with upgrades, promotions, and new releases.

Flawlessly managing your content means using a CMS. Content authors can use a friendly UI to instantly draft and publish—skipping the cycle of needing developers to update your site's code.


A seamless customer experience comes from seamless integrations.

Your marketing site should lead to your product—whether that is a web app or storefront. Treat your customers right by equipping your site to smoothly integrate internally or externally with business partners.

Styles and themes

Styling and theming is your branding on the web. You want your content to be unmistakably yours, but also meticulously consistent across all your marketing channels.

A strong and principled design system will achieve this for your site, along with the flexibility to quickly add themes—light, dark, and high contrast.



A11y means making your site accesible for your customers who have vision or motor impairments.

There is a hidden layer to your site which assists screen readers and mouseless devices in consuming your content. Ignoring this layer can lock your customers with disabilities completely out from understanding or using your site.



A diverse customer base speaks many languages—with richness from variety of culture and tradition. To connect fully, content needs to be translated wholly.

Sometimes you need to swap out entire components—or even full pages—to internationalize content properly. Your site needs to be built right to give you the controls to do this.


Data-driven decisions are often the best decisions—and for that you need quality data. Vending accurate data to your analytics platform without harming your customer's experience takes a clear understanding of the web.


Developer experience

A clean and modern codebase is a dream for developers working on your site.

When I pass the torch to them, they will discover they love working for you because they love working on code written with consideration for the next developer.

Missing any of these?